The Annual youth Bonanza is back!!! Returning for its 2nd edition, it will be held on Thursday, 22 August 2019 at Bugabwe Primary School, Iganga district. The Alliance youth Bonanza is a post international youth Day celebration organized by SRHR Alliance Uganda and its partners in the areas where the current Get Up Speak Out for youth rights program operates. Celebrated on 12th August, this year’s youth day celebrations highlighted the efforts to make education more inclusive and accessible for all youth, including efforts by youth themselves, and will examine how Governments, young people, youth-led and focused organizations, work to make education is accessed by for all young people under the theme, “Transforming education.”

A peer educator with a message from last year’s Youth Bonanza theme

As the SRHR Alliance, we know that sexual reproductive health challenges like teenage pregnancies, child marriage, SGBV, early sex debut, STIs, unmanaged menstrual cycles among others exist among young people and have greatly interfered with their normal school routine. The dropout rates of adolescent girls are 30% as a result of the inability to manage menstruation. And if girls are missing from classrooms while they’re in their period, then that deprives them from getting a quality education. This inspired the formulation of the theme Transforming Education; Embracing Menstrual Health. The Bonanza is aimed at creating an open space to address menstrual health stigma which often comes from deep-rooted superstitions and tales that paint girls/women who menstruate as unclean or impure.

Young people playing a board game during last year’s youth Bonanza in Jinja

The Alliance Youth Bonanza will, therefore, be a Talent Show where young people shall come up with creative plays and dances communicating the crucial role that quality education plays in youth development with an emphasis on menstrual health for young people in and out of school. There will also be plenary sessions and participants are to be taken through menstrual health, how to ensure proper menstrual health hygiene, skill-building in making reusable sanitary pads as a sustainable solution for menstrual health. Our partners, Reproductive Health Uganda and Family Life education program with health facilities in Iganga will also provide youth-friendly SRHR services. Key services will include; Family planning services (short and long term methods), cervical cancer screening, breast cancer screening, STIs testing and management, HIV counseling and Testing, Condom Education and Demonstration among others.

We, therefore, call upon everyone to come and join us as we celebrate the youth.