Get Up Speak Out (GUSO) Flexible Fund Project (GUSO Flexi Project)

The GUSO Flexi fund project was initiated in 2018 to address some of the gaps that were identified under the Main GUSO programs within the community that is impeding the uptake of SRHR and HIV services. These included:

  • Lack of information about the availability of SRH and HIV services for young people
  • Negative experiences registered at some health Facilities.
  • Long distance to health facilities
  • Stigma and Economic challenges among peers.

In response, the SRHR alliance adopted an innovative model which is an integrated SRHR-HIV community-based service delivery project for young people by their peers with a project entitled GUSO Flexibility fund Project (GUSO-Flexi Project). This project aims at;

  • Equipping peers with relevant SRHR-HIV information,
  • Providing an integrated range of SRHR and HIV  services for young people and other members of the communities who require the services
  • Providing sexuality education, with attention to gender relations and stigma surrounding HIV/AIDS

The 18 Months GUSO-Flexi project targets peers 18-30 years who are trained and equipped to become Community Health Entrepreneurs (CHEs) within the 4 districts of Bugiri, Jinja Iganga and Mayuge . The CHEs provide SRHR/HIV information and services via electronic tablets (e-health) to their peers. In addition, they sell a range of relevant (sexual and reproductive) health products, including contraceptives based on needs of their customers.

Get Up Speak Out (GUSO) Program

Get Up Speak Out (GUSO) is a five-year program (2016-2020) developed in partnership with a consortium consisting of Rutgers, AIDSFONDS, CHOICE for Youth and Sexuality, Dance4life, International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) and Simavi. The program is financed by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs under the SRHR Partnership Fund.

The GUSO program addresses the following problem: “Young people do not claim their sexual rights and their right to participation because of restrictions at community, societal, institutional and political levels. This hinders their access to comprehensive SRHR education and services that match their needs, and ability to make their own informed SRHR decisions.” The GUSO consortium addresses this problem in seven countries:

SRHR Alliance Uganda is one of the 7 country alliances implementing the program. Other alliances include Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, Malawi, Indonesia, Ethiopia, and Pakistan.  In Uganda is being implemented in 5 districts in Eastern Uganda including Bugiri, Iganga, and Jinja and Mayuge which have the worst SRHR indicators for young people.

The program is aimed at achieving a society where all young people, especially girls and young women, are empowered to realize their SRHR in societies that take a positive stance towards young people’s sexuality.

By using a multi-component approach, there is a unique added value as a multitude of factors and actors are addressed in influencing young people’s SRHR. The theory of change describes five interrelated outcomes that contribute towards the long-term objective. These interrelated outcomes are:

1)            Strengthened in-country SRHR alliances.

2)            Empower young people to voice their rights.

3)            Increase the access to and utilization of SRHR information/education.

4)            Increase the access to and utilization of sexual and reproductive health (SRH) services.

5)            Improve and create a supportive socio-cultural, policy and legal environment for SRHR.

GUSO program Approaches

  • The multi-component approach
  • Meaningful Youth Participation (MYP)
  • Working in alliances
  • Gender Transformative approaches

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What we do

The alliance implements innovative and evidence informed interventions tailored to address the SRHR needs and rights of adolescents and young people. The main program focus include;

  • Advocacy for SRHR enabling policy and social environment for adolescents and young people
  • Provision of high quality youth friendly SRHR services
  • Empowering adolescents and young people to voice their rights and SRHR challenges that affect them.
  • SRHR and life education through sexuality education for adolescents and young people
  • Addressing challenges relating negative socio- cultural practices such as child marriages, Female Genital Mutilation and teenage pregnancies

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We have a bold approach: graduating healthy, educated, empowered and employed young adults from our program so they can achieve the goal of breaking the cycle of poverty.

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As a child focused ministry, Arise Children’s Fund exists to change underlying factors that prevent children from fully experiencing these rights.

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