Finance and Administration Manager- Full-Time (1 Position) – Kampala

The Finance & Administration Manager (FAM) will be a key member of the SRHR Alliance
Uganda’s Senior Management Team – with overall responsibility for financial management,
compliance, human resource, and logistics. The FAM shall be line supervisor for, Finance
Officer, Grants Coordinator, Administrative Officer and Human Resources Officer. The Finance
& Administration Manager will ensure a high standard of financial management and
organizational administration for SRHR Alliance Uganda and its projects.

About the SRHR Alliance Uganda:
The Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) Alliance Uganda is a consortium of organizations that stand for and promote young people’s SRHR. The SRHR Alliance Uganda is comprised of organizations with strong niche, expertise, and experience in key aspects of SRHR programming for vulnerable and marginalized groups of adolescents and young people. Our work is geared towards ensuring that all young people have access to high-quality and friendly SRHR information and services within a supportive environment.
Meaningful and Inclusive Youth Participation is one of the core principles and values of the SRHR Alliance Uganda. We promote and support equal participation of young people in decision-making regarding the design, implementation, and monitoring of all our interventions.
It is against this background that the SRHR Alliance Uganda would like to recruit a Youth Country Coordinator (YCC) to provide leadership to the young people, ensuring that they are at the forefront of our work and operations.

Job Title: Finance and Administration Manager  (FAM) – 1 position (Full-time)

Job Purpose:
The Finance & Administration Manager (FAM) will be a key member of the SRHR
Alliance Uganda’s Senior Management Team – with overall responsibility for financial
management, compliance, human resources, and logistics. The FAM shall be line supervisor
for; Finance Officer, Grants Coordinator, Adminstrative Officer and Human Resources
Officer. The Finance & Administration Manager will ensure a high standard of financial
management and organizational administration for SRHR Alliance Uganda and its projects.

Specific tasks and Responsibilities:

Financial Management & Reporting including:

i. Ensuring that all income and expenditure for SRHR Alliance, Uganda is promptly and
accurately recorded on accounting system and monthly books of accounts programme
are closed, with all reconciliations accurately performed following internal reporting
timetables and International Financial Reporting standard, International Accounting
standard, GAAP, organizational policy and donor regulations
ii. Providing high-quality, accurate, and timely reports and other financial information as
requested to the National Coordinator and Project Focal Persons both for internal and
external (donor) use
iii. Responsibility for cash flow management for SRHR Alliance Uganda, including
preparation of regular cash flow projections, reviewing cash requests from projects,
preparation, and submission of cash flow requests, management of cash transfers to
Implementing partners, and submission of funding requests to donors (where
iv. Monitoring fund balances of all projects monthly to inform project funding requests,
partner expenditure reports outstanding, and project close procedures
v. Closing out SRHR Alliance Uganda projects in line with both SRHR Alliance Uganda
Project closeout policy and donor requirements.
vi. Ensuring that invoices and other payment requests are thoroughly reviewed, coded,
and approved; in line with organizational procedures and donor requirements, and
paid promptly.
vii. Ensuring monthly timesheets are completed where necessary and submitted on time.
viii. Undertaking regular banking duties including making online payments, checking
balances, prompt cash, and cheque deposits, collating bank statements, adding new
signatories, etc.
ix. Preparing statutory financial statements and managing the annual external audit for
SRHR Alliance Uganda, as well as providing information and support as part of the
SRHR Alliance Uganda organizational audit. To oversee and ensure delivery of
project-level audits in line with internal and donor.
x. Managing the payroll for SRHR Alliance Uganda.

Budgeting and budget management including:

i. Producing the annual budget for Secretariat, and monitoring expenditure against it.
ii. Developing and providing the necessary annual budgeting tools to Project teams and
ensure that the project’s annual budgets are in line with available budget caps and
donor spending requirements.
iii. Working with the Programme Manager (PM) to support the Project Focal Persons,
Grants Coordinator, and other Coordinators to develop annual budgets and revise
budgets as part of the regular forecasting process.
iv. Ensuring that accurate and timely budgets and forecasts are fully coded for upload to
the accounting system and submitted to the National Coordinator.
v. Ensuring alignment of budgets uploaded to the accounting system to donor approved
vi. Monitor project spend against donor approved budgets, and ensuring are variances are
within approved limits
vii. Updating and running the monthly Budget Monitoring Reports (BMRs) for all
projects and country office, and ensuring BMRs are shared with project teams on a
timely basis, the reasons for variances are understood and documented, and all queries
from project teams are promptly acted upon.
viii. Regularly updating the database of standard costings for the SRHR Alliance
ix. Supporting the National Coordinator, Programmes Manager, Monitoring Evaluation
& Learning Manager, and the Programme Development Coordinator to develop
accurate and detailed budgets for funding proposals using Finance and Administration
Standard templates, and translating them into donor templates as required
x. Working with the National Coordinator, Programmes Manager, Monitoring
Evaluation & Learning Manager, and the Programme Development Coordinator to
ensure that budgets meet cost recovery requirements
xi. Translating budgets for newly awarded projects into SRHR Alliance Budget format
and fully code for upload to the accounting system.

Ensuring organizational and team compliance with policies and procedures including:

i. Regularly reviewing and updating policies and processes – ensuring they are fit for
purpose and aligned with SRHR Alliance Uganda, Government of Uganda, and donor
ii. Ensuring that all SRHR Alliance Uganda staff are aware of and operating in line with
SRHR Alliance Uganda’s financial and administrative policies and processes.
iii. Ensuring that new staff has an appropriate and thorough induction on SRHR
Alliance’s policies and procedures – including training on the Code of Conduct and
sign up for it.
iv. Ensure that recommendations arising from internal and external audits are acted upon,
and issued are addressed at Secretariat
v. Advise the National Coordinator and the Finance Team on relevant budgetary control
measures to address any identified weakness in policy and/or practice.
vi. Ensure all procurement is carried out in adherence to SRHR Alliance Uganda’s
procurement policies and is aligned with relevant donor requirements.
vii. To ensure compliance with statutory, Uganda Registration Service Bureau, Financial
Intelligence Authority, and NGO Board operational and reporting requirements.
viii. Ensuring partners, service providers, suppliers, and other third parties are issued with
accurate, appropriate, and legally sound contracts promptly, and each contract
analyzed and assessed to ensure that SRHR Alliance is not exposed to financial and
legal risks.

Grant and Implementing partner management including:

i. Providing all implementing partners with appropriate reporting templates – and
ensuring that they are confident in using them.
ii. Participating in the due diligence process for new partners in line with SRHR Alliance
standard processes and ensure that all areas of concerns and potential risks associated
with different partners are flagged to the National Coordinator.
iii. Ensuring implementing partners are held accountable to contractual obligations when
submitting reports and accountabilities – both in terms of timings and documents
iv. Closely scrutinizing all submitted accountabilities, raising and resolving issues and
discrepancies promptly with Implementing Partners.
v. Ensuring that all expenditure by Implementing Partners that are not in line with donor
requirements is disallowed.
vi. Ensuring clear disbursement timetables are in place for each Implementing Partners,
and adhered to in terms of timings and required documents
vii. Promptly reporting queries and concerns re partner spend to the National Coordinator
as appropriate
viii. Ensuring that all relevant staff (Finance and Administration and partners) fully
understand and are compliant with donor reporting/spending requirements.
ix. Timely preparation of periodical donor financial reports as per the donor calendars,
including management of uploads of data to external donor-managed grants
management systems where required. 

Human resource, Administration, Logistics and facilities management including:

i. Prepare and process monthly payroll for all staff in Uganda – ensuring statutory
deductions are made and returns filed
ii. Ensuring that the Administrative Assistant maintains full and accurate personnel files
for the SRHR Alliance Secretariat staff, and ensure that the Project Implementation
teams maintain up-to-date records at their level.
iii. Ensuring that all recruitment carried out by SRHR Alliance Uganda is carried out
transparently and per internal policies and procedures. In particular, ensuring that
roles are appropriately advertised, references are taken in line with SRHR Alliance
policies, and contracts are issued and signed.
iv. Ensure that all staff probationary reviews, mid-year appraisals, and annual appraisals
are conducted promptly.
v. Ensuring appropriate insurance policies are in place for all SRHR Alliance staff and
assets overseeing facilities and office management for the SRHR Alliance Uganda
vi. Overseeing logistical arrangements for the SRHR Alliance Secretariat staff travel, and
all overseas visitors.

Required Qualifications and Experience:

i. A University Degree majoring in Accounting and Finance or equivalent from a
recognized University.
ii. Possession of relevant professional qualification like ACCA, or CPA and at least 5
years of experience in financial management in a recognized institution or NGO.
iii. Detailed understanding of Uganda Employment Act 2006 and its application in the
iv. Excellent working knowledge of QuickBooks and Navision accounting systems or
related Financial packages.
v. Experience in developing budgeting tools and templates for complex development
projects and building the capacity of finance and non-finance staff to utilize them
vi. Experience in overseeing fleet, asset, and facilities management
vii. Experience in managing donor audits
viii. Experience in managing financial reporting for donor-funded projects
ix. Experience in overseeing or managing human resources and performance

Other Skills and Competencies:
i. Good knowledge and appreciation of financial policies and regulations applicable to
non-government organizations
ii. Computer proficiency especially in the use of accounting software
iii. Good working knowledge of finance and administration
iv. Good interpersonal and communication skills
v. Team-oriented and capable of managing multiple tasks and ability to meet deadlines
vi. Excellent working knowledge of a major international accounting system
vii. Excellent knowledge of Uganda Tax Laws and their application in an NGO context
viii. Experience in producing complex budgets and monitoring expenditure against them
ix. Experience coordinating financial reporting across multiple offices or projects
x. Experience in ensuring compliance with financial and administrative procedures
across multiple office sites in rural locations
xi. Experience in producing financial statements and managing external audits
xii. Procurement management of both mid and high-value items using a variety of
different tender processes
xiii. Experience in managing financial reporting for international donors
xiv. Experience in managing the payroll and statutory deductions
xv. Experience in leading and building the capacity of others
xvi. Experience in carrying out internal audits of field office operations
xvii. Highly financially literate with excellent Excel skills.

Application Procedures:
Interested individuals may submit their applications by email to the address provided below. The
application should include;
i. 1-page cover/Motivation letter
ii. 2-page CV.
iii. 3 Referees
iv. The application should be clearly labeled application for the position of: “Finance and Administration Manager, SRHR Alliance Uganda ”
v. The application should be sent to email: info@srhrallianceug.org

Submission address:
Country Director,
SRHR Alliance Uganda
Plot 29 Commercial Road, Ntinda.
P.O.Box 800273
Tel: +256-393 254 466

Submission deadline:
All applications should be received by December 21st, 2022.
Any applications send past the desdline will not be considered.

Important to note:

SRHR Alliance Uganda is an equal opportunity employer, young people, persons with
disabilities and female candidates are encouraged to apply.
SRHR Alliance Uganda does not charge any kind of fee at whichever stage of the recruitment
process and does not act through recruitment agents.