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United For a Health Tomorrow (UFHT)

The UFHT program targets young people, women and marginalized groups and its partners are: Restless Development, Straight Talk Foundation (STF), Reproductive Health Uganda (RHU) and School Net Uganda. Areas where interventions are being carried out include; Jinja, Iganga, Bugiri and Tororo.

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The program intends to contribute to the realization of the ICPD (International Conference on Population and Development) Program of Action and Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), specifically MDG3 (gender equality), MDG5 (maternal health) and MDG6 (HIV/AIDS, TB and malaria). By joining forces and increasing synergy between the different organizations and activities, impact will be increased.

The program works towards:

  • Strengthening the health systems to deliver high quality comprehensive Sexual Reproductive Health services to all young people including marginalized groups;
  • delivering high quality Comprehensive Sexuality Education to both in-school and out of school youth;
  • capacity building for communities;        
  • Increasing the understanding of all aspects of sexuality and reproduction among the target groups;
  • strengthening the Civil Society Organizations and local structures in their capacity to lobby and advocate at local and national level for improved policies, legislation or funding and strive for the implementation of existing policies;
  • Strengthening the linkage between Comprehensive Sexuality Education and Youth Friendly Services.

International partners

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Contact us

SRHR Alliance

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