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Our approach

To achieve our objectives, the Alliance uses the theory of change which includes three complementing and integrated domains. M-health and E-health project interventions will be integrated in these three domains.

Theory of Change
theory of change

The core of the activities of the alliance focuses on individual empowerment in combination with the realization of conducive and enabling conditions and policies for the promotion and protection of SRHR. In order to achieve our overall objectives - increased utilization of comprehensive SRHR services; increased delivery of comprehensive sexual education; a reduction of gender based violence and insurance of women and young’s people’s rights - the SRHR Alliance aims to improve knowledge on SRHR through awareness-raising and comprehensive sexuality education and to increase the accessibility and quality of sexual and reproductive health services. This will support people to make informed decisions about their sexual and reproductive lives. Furthermore, the SRHR Alliance actively contributes to an environment in which sexual violence is considered unacceptable, stigma is reduced.

International partners

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Contact us

SRHR Alliance

Acacia Avenue, Kololo

P.O.Box 22366, Kampala - Uganda

Tel: (256) 312 2262030/1

Email: info@srhrallianceug.org